How to care for your remedies

Do not touch the remedies with your hands. Roll pilules into lid of the container and drop under the tongue. Remedies are absorbed in the mouth, so allow to dissolve there if possible. The remedy will still work if this is not possible due to age or condition.

If remedies are spilled, do not return them to the bottle as they will be contaminated.

If required, crush one pilule between two clean teaspoons when giving to an infant or baby.

If you are using drops and the dropper touches the mouth rinse under boiling water before replacing in the bottle.

Always replace a broken bottle. Don’t attempt to tape or otherwise save the remedy.

Don’t reuse your empty bottles for other remedies, as that bottle will always retain the energy of the previous remedy. You can reuse if you microwave bottle and lid in a bowl water for 10 minutes.

How to store your remedies

  • Store all remedies and essences away from strong smells, especially camphor, eucalyptus and essential oils.
  • Avoid high heat where possible but do remember that homeopathics survive well in countries like India and Africa.
  • Do not store in a refrigerator, on top of your microwave or near your modem or mobile phone.
  • Keep remedies in a cool, dry, low light area and avoid leaving in direct sunlight.

A note on x-rays and EMFs

Many people ask about the x-rays which are part of travel and the postal system, and also EMFs which are part of life.

We now live in a web of these electromagnetic and low-level frequencies. It is impossible to avoid, especially during travel and if items are being sent through the mail.

Avoid having them go through the x-ray machine when you travel by all means. They can be hand inspected in many places without any issues, but this is becoming harder and harder to do.

We personally haven’t experienced or heard of any issues with remedies being exposed in this way, so feel you can rest assured that your remedies will still work when you need them.

There is a whole blog about homeopathic remedies and their vibrational (energetic) properties in this paragraph!

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