Immunisation Support Pack

This quick reference refers to our Immunisation Support Pack available in the store. For best results through the immunisation process we suggest you request information on our ImmSafe Program which is a more robust and specific form of support for these times.

What’s in your Immunisation Support Pack?

1.  SVC Combination (previously named Safe Vacc Combination)

This remedy is derived from those remedies traditionally used in this situation to support and educate the immune system.

This is a combination of remedies I had been using in my clinic for more than a decade until it became clear this was not as robust as it needed to be, given the number of needles children are now having.

Give twice a day starting on the day before the needle and continue for one week after.

2.  Immune Boost

Our Immune Boost remedy combines those homeopathics traditionally known for their powerful immune boosting effect. As a homeopathic remedy it is particularly easy for children to take as the dose is small and the taste not unpleasant. Can be used during acute illness but do not use continually.

Start one week before and give once a day for up to one month or as required following immunisation.

3.  Probiotic Kefir 6x

Prepared as a vegan homeopathic remedy from Probiotic Kefir, a well known and much used natural probiotic, this remedy promotes and stimulates balance and recolonisation with good gut flora, rather than just supplementing. It may enhance the action of other probiotic products.

Start one week before and give once a day for up to one month or as required following immunisation.

Vegan: Probiotic Kefir is a vegan remedy due to the way it is prepared in the dispensary.

Best results for poor gut function and other health issues will always be achieved by consulting with your homeopath for individualised remedies to support the whole person and address any underlying issues and susceptibilities.

Note: You may combine two of the remedies if easier, but best not to combine all three. This allows the immune system to work best with the remedies without being overwhelmed.

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