Is homeopathy placebo?

Homeopathy is often termed “placebo” because of the misunderstanding about what it actually is and how it works (See ‘Why is homeopathy called energy medicine?’ in the FAQs).

There have been enough studies done to show that homeopathy is not placebo, but a low risk, gentle but powerful system of medicine. It has changed peoples’ lives where other forms of medicine have failed to bring benefit, and it works on babies, animals and plants, who are not susceptible to the concept of placebo.

A study undertaken by the NHMRC in Australia in 2014 went out of its way to disprove homeopathy and sadly is still being quoted by sceptics and those who don’t want homeopathy to continue as a modality. The study has been shown to have been a corrupt and flawed process which went out of its way to hide solid homeopathic research by manipulating the data and the criteria. The homeopathic associations in Australia and homeopathic bodies worldwide have come together and are awaiting the outcome of an independent review.

A good place to look for solid science is the website of the Homeopathy Research Institute in the UK.

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