My child ate a bottle of pilules!

Homeopathy is about quality and not quantity; energy and not substance.

Tiny doses to stimulate the body’s own healing ability.

Nothing nasty in a remedy at the potencies we dispense through our store, hence TGA define homeopathics as low risk.

This effectively means that one pilule or one bottle is going to be the same in terms of action, although on a rare occasion this quantity of the sucrose pilules may cause an upset tummy or perhaps a hyper child!

We select the remedy to fit the person and their symptoms, so a randomly selected remedy, while perhaps having an unexpectedly positive outcome (ie things get better), won’t make anything worse or produce symptoms that a child has not had before.

From my perspective, a remedy which is incorrectly selected (or grabbed from a pack or benchtop) bounces off as it doesn’t fit/match the picture of the individual. Bit like a square peg in a round hole.

I get this worried message all too often and while this is no kind of medical emergency, it is a reminder to keep your remedies out of reach of children.

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