Remedies & Airport Scanning

This is a question I’m asked pretty frequently and my answer is generally as follows.

We live in a web of EMF/EMR and other types of frequencies. Our remedies are subjected to all the time and there is no avoiding this.

Check through luggage will generally be scanned at the larger airports.

Carry your remedies in your hand luggage by all means.

No, you don’t need to wrap your remedies in foil and if you do they will be picked out by the airport scanning as suspicious.

If you choose to take them out of your hand luggage and ask for them not to go through the machine, they will usually be tested for explosives – yes really!

To knock out the action of a remedy, the frequency they are exposed to would need to be identical to the resonant frequency of the individual remedy/ies so unlikely to match or to be an issue.

I have a kit which is 20+ years old and the remedies still work fine after multiple trips and frequent scanning. I also have a mini kit in my handbag with my mobile phone – same, same.

Homeopathy is a medicine for the future, like all vibrational medicines, and should stand up to the trials of our modern life.