What is in the remedies?

Remedies can be made from almost anything on the planet and generally for home prescribing we use remedies made from animals (eg bees), plants (eg Belladonna, Aconite or Monkshead, Pulsatilla, Arnica) and minerals (eg Arsenicum, Mercurius, Silica).

The actual remedy ends up in a liquid form a bit like a herbal medicine, but it’s gone through a special process. This liquid or Medicating Potency as we call it is then added to your carrier.  The carrier for your remedy is the sucrose or lactose pilules or tablets which are traditionally used, or to a bottle of drops which contains a small amount of alcohol as a preservative.

At Elements of Health we use sucrose pilules because, while it is sugar, it is a teeny dose to carry your medicine and hopefully you are not going to need many doses!

Keep reading to find out how remedies are made and why they are low risk!

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