Mother and DaughterIn 2001 Melanie Creedy established The Children’s Ear Clinic in Perth to address a rapidly growing number of children with ears as their main presenting symptom. At that time approximately 80% of under fives going to the doctor had ear infections.

In the intervening years, the problem has become more chronic and many of these children now present with ear problems as one of an array of symptoms, including asthma, allergies, gut disturbance and weak immunity.

After eight years in general practice in Perth, Melanie moved to Tasmania in 2007. She re-established her clinic in Hobart and more recently in Shearwater on the north coast, where, because of the increasing chronicity of health generally, the focus has become more broadly focused on women’s and children’s health.

Melanie says: “There is always a strong connection between the mother and child and of course their health. The family dynamic usually revolves around the mums and their well-being. Mums generally bring their small children for treatment first, but when I see the Mum first I get the whole picture and the remedies for the children also become clear.” 

With the children come the mums and with the newly pregnant  mums come the children. The family dynamic evolves around the mums and their well-being. A life cycle through health and homeopathy!

Homeopathy treats the whole person and not just the symptoms, so where your doctor might look at chronic ear problems, allergies and other health issues in isolation, we look at the overall presentation of the patient – what makes them individual.

We take into account the emotional state, fears, worries, likes and dislikes and so on, and any other unusual things which make you or your child unique, in order to select a remedy to fit this very individual picture.

A course of homeopathic treatment can often help break the cycle of infection and antibiotics that many children seem to succumb to in their early years, and can address many other health issues such as allergies, skin problems, anxiety, etc and build a stronger immune system generally.

Regular contact with the GP, paediatrician and specialists, if appropriate, should be maintained, for example with hearing tests and blood tests, allowing progress with homeopathic treatment to be monitored.*

Homeopathy uses uniquely prepared medicines which stimulate the immune system to return the system to balance – naturally and gently.

You can contact Melanie Creedy on 0409 089965 or email.


*Children under 6 months with a fever over 38c should always see a medical practitioner.

This website contains general information about health complaints and their management.  The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such. You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare providers. We recommend you always seek medical assessment and diagnosis where appropriate. Serious injury and illness and longstanding conditions should never be treated without seeking expert advice. If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention. Homeopathy is considered low risk by the TGA and our advice and product information is based on TGA regulations and traditional indications.