Sale! Angel i-con
Angel i-con
Angel i-con lifts the veil and connects us fully and consciously with the angels, archangels, our guardian angels - the entire Angelic Collective in fact.
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Sale! Ground My Life
Ground My Life
Ground My Life is our newest envirospray to help settle down that speedy, floaty, unfocussed, out-of-your-body and out-of-your-base feeling!
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Immunisation Support Pack – Part of our ImmSafe Program
Immunisation Support Pack – Part of our ImmSafe Program
Worried about the potential effects of immunising your child? The remedies in this pack offer support through the immunisation process. Check out our ImmSafe Program for a complete and more robust option.
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Iron Support
Iron Support
Iron Support aims to support a system which is consistently low in iron, has low iron stores and/or to provide support for an iron infusion. Please note this is not an iron supplement. New image coming soon!
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Our Protection spray helps protect you and your energy, maintain the auric field, create effective boundaries for the real world, strengthen connection with Source, and gently nurture and support you and your family in times of challenge.
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SVC Combination
SVC Combination
If you are looking for support to immunise a child, our SVC Combination may help before, during and after process.
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Sale! TS General Tonic
TS General Tonic
TS General Tonic may be useful as an overall tonic for skin, cells, blood, bones, nerves, etc and can be helpful to promote recovery after an acute ailment or during chronic illness.
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