Our EnviroSprays were created more than a decade ago and aimed to address some of the things that were becoming evident in the 2010s.

At that point we were looking at environmental issues such as airborne pollution, residues from pesticides and off-gassing from new materials. We also covered EMFs and other forms of radiation emitted from a wide range of modern gadgetry and infrastructure, and our food and water were identified as a source of hidden toxins and heavy metals affecting our health and well-being.

At that point 3G and 4G were potent contributors to imbalance, to which we added support for 5G and are now sadly awaiting 6G!

In more recent years we’ve added products such as Ground My Life, which somehow straddles the space between the EnviroSprays, being about grounding and connection, and our Soul Harmonics. No doubt there will be more like this to come as we find ourselves affected by energies we hadn’t even considered!!

You’ll also find here sprays for protection, to aid meditation and to connect with the angels – well it’s all about our environment really – physical and energetic!

Over time these physical and energetic pollutants may impact us on a cellular level, pushing us off balance, and may be difficult to manage with standard treatments due to their energetic nature.

EnviroSprays are vibrational essences, resonating on a deep level with our energy systems. They have been created by an experienced and passionate homeopath to negate toxic shock and effects of pollution, to help build a stronger immune system and to bring us back to balance, combined with other health and life-style choices.

These powerful and unique vibrational essences contain the synergistic energies of a selection of plants, minerals, colours and crystals targeted to meet a range of needs which are often overlooked in our busy and sometimes toxic world.

EnviroSprays are prepared as a room/body spray, dispensed in a Lemon Myrtle Floral Water base. Some of the sprays also come as an oral dose, where it might be more appropriate in this form.

The products are simple and pleasant to use.

You can read about the full range in the flyer here which will receive an update from time to time as new products are added.

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Showing all 8 results