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We’ve been supporting Australians since 1998

Our online store, launched in 2008, offers handmade homeopathic kits and a wide range of remedies, both traditional single remedies and our own combination products for new users.

We offer tailor-made kits (Pick Your Own Packs) and you can enquire about remedies or potencies you don’t find in our list.

Check out our range of Soul Harmonic and WyldChyld Essences, and hand-made creams, heart-crafted in beautiful Tasmania, plus books, remedy pouches and more.

Need support to immunise your child or interested in Homeprophylaxis?

We’re here with options for you, whatever your requirement and are happy to discuss the choices available.

We’d love to write a whole lot about this on the website but due to regulations in Australia we are limited.

Get in touch and we’ll send you our information packs.

Have requirements for an overseas trip?

We have decades of experience in sending you happily on your way, no matter where you are travelling. 

You’ll find great little travel kits in the store.

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Looking for information on homeopathy?

Have a question, need a remedy?

Our FAQs and website search function have most of the answers and there’s plenty to see in the blog.

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