ImmSafe Program

Support for your child’s (or your own) jabs

More and more parents have questions about vaccination and the immunisation process and want to undertake their child’s needles in a way that supports their long-term health.

In order for many families to receive the relevant Centrelink benefits or for a child to attend childcare or kinder, children must be fully immunised according to the Government’s National Immunisation Schedule.

Supporting your child (and adults too) through this process is the purpose of our ImmSave Program.

Our aim is to take some of the worry out of vaccinating and give you tools to help support and rebalance the system in a dynamic way.

Immunisation or vaccination — what is the difference?
Vaccination involves receiving a vaccine from a needle or drops in the mouth.

This is done by your healthcare professional.
Immunisation is the process of both receiving a vaccine and becoming immune to the disease as a result.

This can be a challenging time for those who feel they would prefer not to vaccinate, but find they have no choice. Some parents are anxious about the process and at times social media discussion can heighten this feeling.

Homeopathy has been supporting people over more than two hundred years and we have used our long experience of supporting children’s health, plus resources from other practitioners, to formulate our ImmSave Program, which runs alongside the Government National Immunisation Schedule.

We know your decision can be a difficult one and you sometimes need to talk to someone with a balanced opinion. You are welcome to book a short appointment to discuss your options with us, either in person or by phone or skype.

The ImmSafe Program:

Supporting your child (or yourself) through the vaccination process

Our ImmSafe Program has been designed to offer very specific homeopathic support while you or your child undertake vaccination.

  • We’ve been supporting individuals through this process since 1998 in a variety of ways.
  • In 2013 we formulated some of the best homeopathic support remedies into an easy-to-follow program after increasing concerns from parents.
  • The remedies which underpin the program have been in use for many years by homeopaths and in our own clinic.

What do you get?

  • One homeopathic remedy which mirrors each vaccine being given – the ImmSafe Remedies to support the system and rebalance at the same time.
  • Two of our standard immune support remedies for best possible outcomes and to further support the system: our Safe Vacc Combination and Immune Boost Combination which have been in general use in our clinics for well over a decade. All ImmSafe Programs dispensed (whether a whole pack or for just one vaccine) come with these support remedies (or a variation for the new 2021 roll out).
  • The program is supplied as a pack of remedies which covers all needles from 6 weeks old to 18 months of age and standard catch up programs, or can be tailored to individual requirements if you are doing a catch up program or vaccinating for work or travel.
  • If you’re coming to us before the birth, then you may want to add ImmSafe Program support for the needles given just after the birth and to mum during pregnancy.
  • For adults needing to be immunised for work, we have a separate pack available or can tailor to your employer’s requirements based on long experience.
  • We also include our most current Winter Prep remedy in all full kits purchased, which can be helpful for children who are mixing socially and particularly if they are in daycare or new to school, and as an additional support for adults. This is a general cold, flu and bugs support remedy which we tweak each year to match the current environment. Despite its name, we suggest using this at all times of the year for babies and small children out in the community!
  • The program is supplied with full and detailed instructions, a record card and a level of support through the process as required.

What do we suggest?

  • A short consultation is required to dispense the ImmSafe Program due to regulations around these particular remedies. This is a great opportunity to discuss your concerns and understand the process and the support we offer with the program.
  • Part of the consultation process is to look at the current state of health, family medical history and immunisation status of you or your child and suggest the best approach to undertaking the schedule.
  • The consultation is undertaken by phone or skype.

We’ve surveyed our parents

Over the eight years of the current program, we’ve surveyed our parents from time to time to assess the outcomes of the program, and the results over the years have been positive, as has the feedback we regularly receive through our clinic.

The information pack on the ImmSafe Program, includes some of the feedback parents gave us, as well as our recommendations based on this feedback. It’s a bit of a tome because we’ve spent eight years writing, surveying and collating information on the ImmSafe Program, as well as more than 20 years observing the process of immunisation in our clinic.

Contact us for the information pack which contains our tome of an information document, as well as full details and price for the ImmSafe Program for either adults or children.

You can purchase additional supplies of SVC Combination and Immune Boost from the online store if required.

Other options if you choose not to do the full ImmSafe Program

There are a number of other options which may help support your child at this time:

  • Our SVC Combination can be given on its own to alleviate minor symptoms of pain, bruising and discomfort. It may also assist in supporting the system generally during administration of vaccines.
  • Our Immune Boost Combination also gives an additional level of general support and gets good feedback overall.
  • Check with your health food shop or naturopath for supplements which can support the immunisation process.
  • We now know there is a strong connection between gut health, vaccination and general health. Support the gut with good quality probiotics and healthy nutrition for mum and bub. Include our homeopathic Probiotic Kefir 6x which encourages the gut to balance and detox, produce good bacteria and enhances the action of probiotic supplements and foods.
  • Consider our Get Prepped remedy as an additional level of support for children who are mixing socially and particularly if they are in daycare or new to school. We suggest this at all times of the year and we tweak it most years to match the current environment.
  • Where there is a family history of particular health conditions, undertake constitutional (whole person) treatment (see below) at an early age to build a strong and healthy immune system, better able to tolerate vaccines.
  • Where there has been a reaction to a vaccine, undertake homeopathic care to assess and manage health issues, including applicable homeopathic protocols in relation to vaccines (see the post on Vaccination Detoxing).

Constitutional Care

For those parents who choose neither conventional vaccination or homeoprophylaxis, we strongly recommend constitutional care from a registered homeopath to build a strong immune system and address inherited tendencies. No child is born with a clean health-slate and your family’s health is the soil for your child’s health through their life. It is helpful to address the conditions inherited from the family at an early age for best health outcomes.

We also suggest treatment of acute ailments with homeopathy to maintain a good level of health and immune response.

Diet and nutrition are important if you choose not to vaccinate.

Contact us for further information via the contact page.

Homeopathy is a traditional medicine. It may be used in conjunction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies. The information on our website does not constitute medical advice. If in doubt as to the appropriateness of the information or a treatment seek advice from your homeopath or other healthcare professional.