Soul Whispering


We live in an incredibly frenetic world.

Every moment is taken up with something – work, socialising, facebook, emails, music.

Life is competitive!

Life is a race to the end!

But what is the script we are living by?

What is our life’s purpose?

How can we know in this clamour?

Our Soul is always whispering to us … 

but we don’t always hear the whisper of our Soul

Life is busy, noisy, frenetic, ungrounded and sometimes fruitless.

Since 2020 we’ve been seeing the great awakening, which has brought people a lot of fear, anxiety and confusion. We are being pushed to find our authentic self, to find our life purpose, to walk our truth and find our power.

This searching can lead to more confusion, more uncertainty, more lack of direction as we run here and there, trying the menu of spiritual tools on offer, reading, meditating, having life path readings, astrology charts, channellings …

Sometimes we come to a grinding halt

Even with decades of life path experience under our belts we can still come to a grinding halt and need some tangible help, some practical insight into where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

“In my spiritual path sessions, says Melanie, “I practice esoteric homeopathy and I use vibrational remedies as tangible tools for transformation. Really it’s simple as that. Many working on the spiritual path talk about being intuitive, channelling, etc – I work with the energy that is life. I sense the connection between the disturbance and the energy required to rebalance that energy. For me this is a tangible thing, a process that could be likened to counselling. I walk the path with you, tracing the timeline and pulling the threads together to find the core.”

The “core” is the central issue, the theme or challenge or soul contracts you have chosen for this lifetime. The core will indicate the vibration required to bring about a shift. Sometimes it’s a layer; sometimes it’s a lifetime! The “talk” is part of the energetic process, it brings understanding and clarity. It gives you things to think about, to expand on in your mind and in your heart. The vibrational remedy I select to rebalance the energy at that point is the catalyst, the tool for transformation.

I often say to people that we can work so hard and so long on shifting our blocks, but sometimes the remaining block is the hardest and it generally needs a tangible tool to really make change. Homeopathy or vibrational medicine can be that very tangible tool – something real you can hold in your hand, gentle but powerful and deep acting.

The talk and the weaving

Through the ‘talk’ and the weaving of the threads into the whole, you further your work and your understanding of your path. The work isn’t done for you – there are no unconscious or subconscious clearings – there’s no growth in that – but there is more clarity, often there are ‘aha’ moments. You need to understand the process, to see where you’ve come from and why, and where you’re going.

This work can be challenging, it can take you to the edge, it will bring up old stuff you thought you’d dealt with because these are your core issues, what you’ve chosen to work with, to view from a variety of directions and get the most value out of.

It’s these ‘aha’ moments that are the key to change. The clarity, the simplicity – the whispering of your soul, of your truth. If you have landed on this page and you resonate with the energy I bring, drop me a line and we will connect if this is the next step on the path to your truth.

And remember that whatever way we connect and however this process unfolds, it will be the right way for you, no matter how it appears. We can overthink and we can think to control. But we just need to “be” in the process and allow it to take its path.

What work do we need to be doing?

We don’t have to spend all our time ‘working’ at finding our purpose. According to some, the light work we’ve been plugging away at for so long is largely done and the job of shining the light for others to see and connect to is now what’s needed.

Often we just need to ‘be’!

We need to stop rushing around reading books, attending seminars and workshops and working on ourselves. We are there already!!!

We just need to accept this and to enjoy the calm space this can bring. No more anxiety about how we are doing, what we are doing and what we need to be doing. Time to enjoy the fruits of our labour and to sit firm in our centre.

BUT and this is the big BUT . . . if you try to sit in your centre and find you are struggling to let go, that you are still stuck in old patterns and you really need some help, my offer to you is that esoteric homeopathy using high frequency vibrational remedies and essences provides a wide range of tangible tools for transformation and connection. Gentle yet powerful, deep and profound – this is the journey of lifetimes!

If you feel drawn to work with me (Australia only), send an email via the contact form with a paragraph or two about your journey and let’s see if we are aligned.

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Blessings xx