Soul Harmonics


I’ve been working with people on their life path, spiritual path, inner journey . . . whatever you choose to call it . . . for many years now.

Homeopathy is a powerful form of vibrational medicine and a wonderful tool for transformation.

Using many beautiful and potent esoteric remedies, which have been channeled through meditation, using intuition and my strong connection with source, this process can bring real change.

I often say to people that we can work so hard and so long on shifting our blocks, but sometimes the remaining block is the hardest and it generally needs a tangible tool. Homeopathy or vibrational medicine can be that very tangible tool – tangible, but gentle and powerful.

The process of consulting on this level is no different than consulting about something like asthma or depression – the path just heads off in a slightly different direction!

Whether you are feeling ungrounded, struggling with past life or karmic issues, or have something quite unique going on, if you have landed on this page we are being drawn together energetically for a reason.

If you need some help to move forwards on your journey, let’s connect and work towards bringing you Soul healing. Let’s connect to the whispering of your Soul . . .

Contact me here and now or find out more on my dedicated Soul Whispering website.

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Melanie Creedy