Soul Harmonic Essences

The Soul Harmonics manifested themselves in 2003 and have been in use ever since, both in the Elements of Health clinic and available through our online store.

With the changing energy of our world and the increasing number of seekers and lightworkers engaging purposefully with their life paths, in 2016 the time felt right to fine tune, re-energise and rename these amazing tools for transformation.

We’re delighted to introduce the new Vibrational Essences – the Soul Harmonics – to support you on your way, to remind you of what you already know and to free you from the illusion of the world we live in. To help you stop and take stock, to breathe, to release and to balance.

Heartcrafted from potent vibrational essences to allow you to fly and Wyldwood Essences (grown and created in the garden at Wyldwood in Southern Tasmania) to keep you grounded they will reach out to you on your soul journey to make you whole.

Available in 30ml oral drops and a 100ml lemon myrtle room spray, giving you options to cover a range of uses.

Read more here Soul Harmonics Flyer.

For more information on Melanie’s work with Soul Listening, check out the Soul Whispering page.

Enjoy the journey!

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Showing 1–16 of 25 results