Single Remedies

At Elements of Health we offer high quality homeopathic medicines in a range of potencies for home prescribers around Australia. These are all based on traditional use of these remedies for at least 75 years.

Our list of remedies is updated from time to time to include those single remedies most useful in the home and which are most appropriate the minor ailments and accidents likely to be experienced.

Vegan Remedies: The listing includes a vegan option (for animal based remedies) where applicable. These are identified by a dropdown box and we will handmake your remedy on our vibrational potentiser for a small extra fee.

We source our remedies from the best homeopathic pharmacies in Australia, NZ and the UK because we know that quality is everything with homeopathics.

We offer a range of potencies in some remedies. If you do not see the remedy or potency you require please use our contact form to enquire if the remedy is available.

Please note we do not dispense potencies above 200c without a prescription from a registered homeopath.

While we have a large remedy bank in the dispensary, sometimes we can’t dispense what you want perhaps due to the nature of what you are asking for or TGA guidelines.

If you are selecting remedies not in our remedy bank please do so at Special Request – Single Remedies. There is a $2 additional dispensing fee for these remedies.