WyldChyld Essences

While the name “WyldChyld” was chosen to fit into our range of products from the garden at Wyldwood, I see through my work with children in my homeopathic clinic that the world they live in can feel quite wild.

. . . In a good sense with the wild and cool things that are happening in technology, music, science and social media.

. . . In a challenging sense with bullying (both physically and online), lack of boundaries leading to lack of security, fear through media exposure, high levels of competition and the expectations that are put upon them which I know can often make them feel “wild inside”.

. . . And finally in an environmental sense with overstimulation from TV, internet, computer games, constant mobile phone contact and media in general, noise pollution, EMFs from electronic gadgets, toxins, processed foods, vaccination and so on.

Sometimes children can feel completely overwhelmed by life and just need to take a pill and chill! WyldChyld Essences are a “pill” for modern life; gentle, natural, subtle and nurturing.

All of these essences have been made in our garden at Wyldwood with the intention to assist these new generations of children to cope with life. Flower essences contain the gentle energy of the plant world, crystal essences the mineral energies that so resonate with the 21st century and we’ve added the resonance of color to make the perfect energy needed for a variety of situations!

Whether you’re 9 or 90, if you resonate with the WyldChyld Essences give them a go!

WyldChyld Essences . . . nurturing the child inside!

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Here’s some feedback:

“My kit arrived this morning. L intuitively picked “It’s All Good” and T “My Bubble”. Both perfect choices in my mind! I have to say that I noticed a shift with L pretty much straight away he has been out of sorts for the last week!! He came back about 4 hours later and asked for a 2nd dose. T has also had a shift although not as strong as L’s. Love them already!!! We knew they were going to be special though!!! Thank you so much!!!” MS, Victoria

These products do not replace appropriate medical diagnosis or treatment and are not designed for the treatment of chronic, serious or long term illness.

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Showing all 15 results