About our Essences

"Lost & Alone" - Wild Violet

Dean and Melanie Creedy combine more than 50 years experience of exploring, using and creating essences and vibrational medicines.

“I was interested in essences from as early as I used homeopathy” says Melanie. “Dean and I went to a centre for essences in the UK over 25 years ago; shell essences, tree essences, sea essences, essences from Iceland and Canada, all the various Australian essences, you name it they had it. It sparked the idea to one day create some of our own and from there not only do we have the current WyldChyld Essences and Soul Harmonics, but we created a Millenium Essence on 1/1/00, a set of Angel Harmonics and have individualised essences for clients to use in their own practices.”

After our tree change to Tasmania in 2007, where we had 15 acres of land to play with, we planted a beautiful garden and orchard and once the garden grew we had the source of our essences, the clear air and the time.

From an environment of clear air, pure water and gentle energy, we have created a wonderful and powerful range of vibrational essences. This was our dream for many years, but we had to grow the garden first in order to create the first stage – the flower essences!

We followed the process laid out by Gurudas, the master of essence making, and the results speak for themselves. We now offer you a range of Essences which stand out from the crowd in potency and effect. A range which according to those who have tried them, bring amazing insight and gentle change.

WyldChyld Essences

The WyldChyld Essences were created with the intention of assisting the new generations of children to cope with life. They combine flower essences (grown and made in the garden at Wyldwood) with the gentle energy of the plant world, crystal essences with the mineral energies that so resonate with the 21st century, plus we’ve added the resonance of colour to make the perfect vibrational energy needed for a variety of life’s situations!

As a busy homeopath, Melanie sees many people in her clinic who find the world they live in a wild place!

. . . in a good sense with the wild and cool things that are happening in technology, music, science and social media.

. . . in a challenging sense with bullying, lack of boundaries leading to lack of security, fear through media exposure, high levels of competition and the expectations that are put upon them.

. . and finally in an environmental sense with overstimulation from TV, internet, computer games, constant mobile phone contact and media in general, noise pollution, EMFs from electronic gadgets, toxins, processed foods, vaccination and so on.

Soul Harmonics

The Soul Harmonics help balance, guide, integrate, process, progress and support work on the spiritual path. These are vibrational essences created through Source for supporting on your Life Path. For more information also see the Soul Whispering page.

Sometimes people can feel completely overwhelmed by life and just need to take a pill and chill! Often it’s difficult to work out what they need in the way of medication, a homeopathic remedy or from a naturopathic or chinese medicine perspective. They just need something to help them become centred and balanced quickly, gently and effectively.

Melanie considers both the Soul Harmonics and the WyldChyld Essences to be a “pill” for modern life: gentle, natural, subtle, nurturing.

Both ranges can be used by any age and some people may feel more drawn to the beautiful energy of the WyldChyld Essences, whereas those walking the spiritual path may resonate with the Soul Harmonics.

Choose your own essence from our range or request a consultation and we will select for you.

How to use our Essences

The comment we’ve received most often about our essences is how powerful they are.

We therefore suggest that you start out with a single dose of 7 drops for an adult (2 for a child) and see what effect it has before you start to give on a regular basis.

Let your child choose their essence themselves where appropriate. Not only is this the most accurate way of choosing an essence, it can provide insight into what is going on for them.

If you resonate with an essence, try it!

Essences can be given to any age and can be used during pregnancy if you want to start work before baby arrives!

What is the dose?

The dose for your essence is 7 drops (2 for a child).

Take drops straight on the tongue, put into a water bottle or rub onto the crown of the head, pulse spots, soles of the feet.

As above, give a single dose and wait a day or two before dosing regularly.

The sprays can be used personally – spray over the crown (avoiding the eyes!), create a mist and walk through – or as a room spray. Spray in the corners and let the energy do the rest, allowing you to create boundaries, clear space and bring harmony.

Don’t be concerned if you find your child (or yourself) working through a whole range of essences. We all have much work to do and you will know what is appropriate and when. Embrace the process.

Keep a diary! It can be insightful for you as a parent and for your healthcare practitioner to see what happens with the essences.

While you could combine the WyldChyld Essences, they are not designed to be used in this way as they are complete in themselves . . . but don’t take my word for it!

Care of your Essences

Store away from direct light & heat, strong smells (such as essential oils) and electrical appliances such as mobile phones and microwaves.

If the dropper comes in contact with the mouth, rinse with boiling water to avoid cross contamination.

If in doubt as to the appropriateness of an essences to a particular situation, contact us at Elements of Health. We have a wide range of essences, both single and combinations (harmonics) and a consultation could provide you with something perfectly appropriate.

These products do not replace appropriate medical diagnosis or treatment and are not designed for the treatment of chronic, serious or long term illness.

Use as directed.
Always read the label.
If symptoms persist contact your healthcare practitioner.