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Tissue salts are a great addition to any home remedy kit. The original 12 tissue salts cover a multitude of ailments and are simple and low risk to use for any age group.

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Tissue salts are a great addition to any home remedy kit. The original 12 tissue salts as outlined by Schuessler in the early 20th century, cover a multitude of ailments and are simple and low risk to use for any age group.

These are very low potency homeopathic remedies. They are not quite a physical pharmaceutical substance like Blackmores Celloids. They work by nourishing, stimulating and balancing the body and helping with assimilation.

They are not a supplemen,t but rather help the body work harder to assimilate from the diet and from the tissues and cells. Lack of assimilation can be one of the major problems today, with many people taking multiple products which they are unable to assimilate.

Use tissue salts alone or use them alongside supplementation or focused nutrition to support a range of minor conditions and ailments, including acute illness.

You can use tissue salts one at a time, make up a combination or use them in one of our proprietary combinations, many of which have been around for decades. You should find a tissue salt for everything.

We’ve put a quick reference on the Notes tab, but for more information invest in the Tissue Salt Handbook, which I still refer to every day in clinic, and read the article I wrote recently. Read here.

No. 1. Calcium Fluoratum (Calc Fluor) Connective tissue, skin, joints
No. 2. Calcium phosphate (Calc Phos) Bones and teeth
No. 3. Iron phosphate (Ferrum Phos) Immune system
No. 4. Potassium chloride (Kali Mur) Mucous membranes
No. 5. Potassium phosphate (Kali Phos) Nervous system
No. 6. Potassium sulphate (Kali Sulph) Metabolism
No. 7. Magnesium phosphate (Mag Phos) Muscles
No. 8. Sodium chloride (Nat Mur) Water regulation
No. 9. Sodium phosphate (Nat Phos) Metabolism
No. 10. Sodium sulphate (Nat Sulph) Purification
No. 11. Silica (Silica) Connective tissue, skin, hair
No. 12. Calcium sulphate (Calc Sulph) Joints, pus



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