This is a collection of articles to get you started with good solid information from respected homeopaths and research groups around the world.

Marginalising Homoeopathy; an Australian case study by Joanne Greenland

Want to know what has happened to homeopathy over the last few years? How one manipulated study has changed public perception (actually for the better!), funding and education? Read Jo’s 2018 paper here.

How Homeopathy Might Work

Dispelling the myths about Homeopathy by Louise Mclean, Editor, Zeus Information Service

This is a long but very interesting and well referenced article which busts many of the myths the skeptics have put out there, plus some history.

A Voice of Reason   by Valerie Malka,The Surgeon, Trauma Unit Westmead Hospital NSW

For more than 10,000 years, natural therapies have been used, while  conventional medicine is but 100 years old. They deserve the recognition universities have given them as they have healing modalities and benefits proven by credible and peer-reviewed research.

Swiss Report on Effectiveness of Homeopathy

The Case for Homeopathic Medicine, by Dana Ullman

Homeopathy use around the world; Homeopathic Research Institute UK