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When things are a little ouchy and someone needs some TLC – bumps, bruises, bites, wounds, etc – this is a useful combination to have on hand. Pilules, drops, cream all available here.

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When things are a little ouchy and someone needs some TLC –  bumps, bruises, bites, squashed fingers, etc – Ouchy Combination is the remedy to reach for.

It’s useful in situations where you feel you need to give 3 or 4 remedies to cover all eventualities and you’re not quite sure what to give and in what order!

This is a combination of the most commonly indicated and most frequently required remedies for first aid situations to assist in the soothing and healing of minor wounds, accidents and injuries. We’ve also included remedies to help avoid inflammation.
See the Notes Tab for details on the remedies included and what they are used for.
Designed for small children but use for the whole family!  Keep it in your handbag, the car and your first aid kit.

Now available in a natural cream base for topical applications: Ouchy Cream.


SVR20 Ouchy (Arnica 30c, Calendula 30c, Hepar Sulph 6c, Ledum 30c, Hypericum 30c, Pyrogen 6c, Silica 30c)

If symptoms persist contact your healthcare practitioner.
Use only as directed.
Always read the label.  

Arnica – is the main remedy for bumps, bruises, bleeding and trauma – both physical and emotional

Calendula – is a well known and much used remedy for healing and reducing the risk of infection. We think this remedy works better internally than as a topical cream, but you can do both.

Hepar Sulph – is included in case there is a little redness or inflammation, and if not and in the early stages, it should help avoid this. Obviously if you have any concerns about infection, see your GP or ED.

Ledum – has always been known as the anti-tetanus remedy, but I don’t know about the evidence for this. However, even if you’ve had your tetanus shot, this is an important inclusion where there is broken skin or a broken bone.

Hypericum – similar to Ledum in its affinity, it is also a good remedy where there is pain from squished fingers or trapped nerves.

Pyrogen – this is another of the small, but useful, infection and inflammation remedies.

Silica – is really good if there might be dirt and potential for infection and is known for its ability to push things out of the body such as splinters and other foreign bodies.

Always seek professional care from your GP or ED if you are concerned about the nature or severity of a wound or injury.

1 review for Ouchy – First Aid TLC

  1. Michelle Roockley

    Wow! This is my absolute First Aid give to everybody and every animal who has been physically hurt …. I give it to my daughter for all sorts of minor cuts, hurts, pains, inflammation and to myself, my partner and anyone who is feeling pain with almost anything (especially soft tissue damage). As I live on a property with 6 horses (my elderly dog has just passed) and a cat – I find this remedy amazing for their little or big mishaps also. Lameness and injury with the horses is something of constant awareness … Ouchy has proven to me magical healing (for physical and emotional shock) over the years – and rate its effectiveness 100% compared to Bute (equine drug pain reliever) with 2 recent happenings. I always have some on stand by – its my first ‘go to’ and very comforting to safely give while waiting for vet or to go to Dr. Thank you Melanie / I love your remedies – and this is one of my absolute faves!

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