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Enviro-Toxins uses powerful vibrational essences to clear toxins and negative energy caused by off gassing of man-made products such as new carpet, paint, glues from homes and workplaces.


Enviro-toxins include a wide range of air, water and earth-borne pollutants in our modern environment.

Toxins such such as exhaust fumes, off-gassing from new furniture and carpets and other synthetic fabrics, paints, glues, wood treatments, insecticide, water treatment, plastics, moulds, and so on, each with its own effect on an individual.

They are an unseen danger and can linger for weeks or even months in our homes and businesses, causing a variety of symptoms including fatigue, irritability, coughs and sore throats, headaches, abdominal pain, insomnia and joint pain.

Enviro-Toxins has been created from poweful vibrational essences which help cleanse the home of these toxins and clear them from the environment. These toxins are forms of negative energy and it takes a powerful vibrational energy to achieve a clearing, more than can be achieved with cleaning products or fragrances which are often used to cover up the obvious odour.

Our Enviro-Sprays have been around for a nearly a decade and the feedback continues to be positive and often interesting! I recommend them through my homeopathic clinic as support tools in many health issues.

Here’s what people are saying::

“I don’t know what’s in that enviro spray but whatever it is, it’s amazing! I was lying in bed and thinking I don’t know how I’m going to cope with this carpet toxicity when my partner sprayed a bit in the room. Shortly afterward I felt a slight jolt to my system and suddenly felt better”. PT, Tas.


Vibrational Essences Plutonium, Sea Salt, Obsidian, Almond, Jet, Sycamore Seed, Oriza Sativa, Lumbricus Terrestris in Lemon Myrtle Floral Water


To use: Shake well and spray approximately 10cm from the body as required or spray the area or the room.

It may be necessary to use regularly if the environment is generally toxic, such as in a new home. If the problem is deep seated and longstanding use daily.

Caution: Always patch test before using on fabric or leather. Do not spray in the eyes.


Available in 100ml room spray


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