Beautiful Birthing Essence


Whether you are planning a home birth or a caesarean, Beautiful Birthing Essence will help ground, centre, purify and energise you, preparing you for the moment of your little one’s incarnation.


Every woman wants a good birth experience with the outcome of a healthy baby, delivered with a minimum of intervention.

Pregnancy can also be a time to immerse yourself in the spirituality of the life process and ensure a strong connection with your baby.

Beautiful Birthing Essence was incarnated for just this purpose; to create an aura of love, peace, calm and strength in which to carry and birth your baby, whether at home or in hospital, naturally or by caesarean.

It invites the light of the Angelic Realms and the Goddess into your sacred space during your pregnancy and for your birth, connecting you to the protective and supportive energy that comes with divine connection.

Beautiful Birthing Essence will help ground, centre, purify and energise you, preparing you for the moment of your little one’s incarnation.

This gentle and etheric energy will allow baby’s soul to integrate gently and comfortably into the physical body and to make the transition from the warmth and serenity of the womb to our busy bustling world.

Here is what L from Perth had to say:

During my second pregnancy I have been using the Beautiful Birthing spray to assist with the emotional ups and downs and moments of anxiety. Whenever I use it I immediately feel calm and more connected to my baby. The scent and energy of the spray assist with grounding and centering as well as emotional release when needed. I know that using the spray during my baby’s birth (a medically-required, planned Caesarean) will help me to move past my disappointment in not being able to birth naturally and focus on the blessing of a healthy baby, and I’m sure that the Beautiful Birthing spray will also provide a wonderful introduction to the world for my baby in the days following.

Contains: A synergistic combination of dynamic plant, mineral & crystal essences in Lemon Myrtle Floral Water.


Supplied in a 50ml spray bottle


Use of Beautiful Birthing

Use before sleep, before meditation or if feeling ungrounded or anxious.

Can be sprayed over the belly or crown as required.

Suitable for use during pregnancy.

For external use only.

Patch test before spraying on the skin.

Care & How to Use

The Soul Harmonics can be used at any age and life stage and may be used during pregnancy if you want to work with baby as well!

The dose for your Harmonic is generally 7 drops but it’s not set in stone.

You can take the drops straight on the tongue, put into a water bottle and sip, or rub onto the crown of the head, pulse spots, soles of the feet, etc.

Don’t be concerned if you find yourself working through the whole set. We all have much work to do and you will know what is appropriate and when. Embrace the process.

Keep a diary! It can be insightful to see what happens with the Soul Harmonics.

While you could combine Soul Harmonics, they are not designed to be used in this way as they are complete in themselves.

Care of your Soul Harmonics

The Soul Harmonics are Vibrational Essences created to resonate on a Soul level. As such they don’t need too much special care and attention because they’re purposed for the job they’ve chosen. Just some basic common sense care is all that’s required:
  • Store away from direct light & heat, strong smells (such as essential oils) and electrical appliances such as mobile phones and microwaves.
  • If the dropper comes in contact with the mouth, rinse with boiling water to avoid cross-contamination.
  • If in doubt as to the appropriateness of an essence, contact us.
Available in 30ml oral drops and 100ml room spray in lemon myrtle floral water, or buy both together and save.


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