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Food Reactions is indicated for soothing and supporting the system when a reaction to a food, medicine or similar is experienced.


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Allergies and food intolerances are a major issue these days and while not everyone is at the level of needing an EpiPen on hand, a reaction can be uncomfortable and unpleasant.

The Food Reactions combination contains homeopathics and essences traditionally indicated for soothing and supporting the system when a reaction to a food, medicine or similar is experienced.

Symptoms might present as skin rash, mucous, cough, swelling, tingling, itching, burning. Some people may already have a management plan in place through their GP and this combination would generally be suitable to use as part of that plan to help ease and alleviate symptoms during an acute reaction.

In an emergency always seek medical help.

If symptoms are chronic, long standing or recurrent homeopathic constitutional care is recommended with a registered and experienced homeopath.


SVR43 Food Reactions (Homeopathics: Apis 30c, Carb Ac 30c, Gaertner 30c, Histaminum 200c, Urtica Urens 6c Essences: Oriza Sativa, Oak, Okoubaka)


If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner.

Always read the label. 

Use only as directed.

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10g Pilules, 25ml Drops, 50ml Drops

2 reviews for Food Reactions

  1. kylie.boyle11 (verified owner)

    This is an absolute lifesaver!!!! I grabbed it to have on hand for when my sensitive stomached son has reactions to diet. He has food allergies, intolerances and a fairly sensitive stomach. Honestly the best thing I’ve ever bought for him. One night a curry upset his stomach and he was crying in pain and restless in his sleep waking every 10-15mins. After far too long I remembered I had these drops and by the 3rd dose he was settled and back to sleep. With each dose his symptoms subsided longer, it was incredible to watch. I am so very thankful as previously I could only ‘ride it out’ and watch him suffer but not anymore! Magical stuff.

  2. tropianoclan

    These drops have been a life changer for our 11 year old son who reacts behaviourally and emotionally to a wide range of food additives. Before we discovered these drops he (and the rest of the family) would have to suffer through a week of aggression, irritability and hyperactive behaviours. Now though if he inadvertently has food additives I just reach for the drops and the symptoms diminish greatly or go altogether. These drops mean our son can still enjoy the snacks and treats his friends do but without the nasty side effects. This remedy has been a life and sanity saver!!!!!

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