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Mastitis can be a painful and distressing condition. The included remedies have been used traditionally over more than a century, offering relief to new mums.

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Breastfeeding can raise a number of issues for new mums not only in the early days, but sometimes later on during periods of growth (in the baby) or stress.

Mastitis can be a painful and distressing condition which may benefit from some homeopathic support. The included remedies have been used traditionally over more than a century offering relief to new mums. Long term mastitis can result in blocked ducts and ongoing discomfort.

While we always recommend a consultation with your homeopath to ensure any remedies are well selected, our Mastitis Support combination contains three traditionally used remedies which are most often indicated for mild mastitis/breast inflammation during breastfeeding.

Ongoing issues with mastitis require constitutional support, ie treatment of the whole person, to build up the system and reduce the frequency.

Always ensure you see your GP for this condition if there is pain or fever or bub is refusing to feed.

We also have a Lactation Support combination which derives from those homeopathics most indicated to support and enhance milk supply and quality and is another of our top sellers for new mums. It can also help with oversupply and during weaning. We suggest you start taking Lactation Support either just before the birth or just after on a daily basis, then as required when supply seems to drop off.


Mastitis Support SVR47 (Belladonna 30c, Bryonia 30c, Phytolacca 30c)


Use only as directed.

Always read the label.

If symptoms persist see your health care practitioner.

Mastitis can be a painful and distressing condition. You will know fairly quickly if the remedies in the combination are going to be of assistance.

Because the onset of this problem is often rapid, we suggest you take several doses close together initially.

Dose & Frequency

  1. Start off with 4 drops or 1 pilule every 10 minutes for a maximum of 5 doses if symptoms are intense. If the remedy is going to work you should see some improvement in this time.
  2. If symptoms start to improve reduce to every hour if the remedy is still required. Do this for one day only.
  3. Then reduce to 3 or 4 times daily if symptoms are mild but settling.

In homeopathy less is usually more, so taking more doses more often may not help as much as you’d think. If you are seeing some improvement try reducing how often you take the remedy (to allow the system to act under its own steam) and just take as required (ie when symptoms appear again), rather than routinely.

If you are taking multiple doses frequently then the remedy is not working and you should contact your homeopath for a more personalised remedy.


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