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We are constantly bombarded with EMFs in our lives and in our homes. The Electro-Emissions spray can help reduce this load and now includes 5G.

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Now covers 5G.

We’ve also added options for 25ml and 50ml drops and 10g pilules if you’d like an oral dose.

A major problem these days are electro-emissions and the amount of electromagnetic radiation we are all exposed to in our daily lives and in our homes. We have recently updated to include cover for 5G and to help counteract the effects of excess blue light.

Our children are probably most at risk because we don’t know the long term problems associated with our lifestyle.

We are constantly bombarded with radiation and EMR waves from digital/mobile phones and towers, televisions, micro-waves, computers, high tech medical equipment and power lines and now 5G is rolling out across the country.

Tiredness, irritability and stress can often be attributed to this unseen toxic shock to the body, but equally high users and sensitive individuals can experience a range of physical symptoms which can range from annoying to debilitating. If you suffer headache, buzzing in head or ears, a sense of trembling or similar after using any electronic devices Electro-Emissions can be helpful in settling things down.

ElectroEmissions is a room spray, while I-Clear, part of our WyldChyld Essences range is the same ingredients in an oral form. This means you can dose each child or adult individually and know they’ve had the essence.

Our spray derives from vibrational essences which have an affinity for the side effects of radiation and EMFs, and can be used as required for both adults and children.

ElectroEmissions is a great way to disrupt the energy of EMR and 5G and works because our remedies are frequencies themselves. By matching the frequency of the remedy to the frequency of the energy or pathogen, we can help negate the symptoms or state.

  • Useful to spray regularly around the home and for members of the family after exposure.
  • If you’re super sensitive to EMR you can take a dose before you are exposed and then dose regularly if required. Pilules or drops can be a better option for using this way.
  • Regular use encourages the body to release these toxins and will help clear and rebalance the energy body and strengthen the immune system.

See the Notes Tab for suggestions on use and dosage.


Caution: Always patch test before using on fabric or leather. Do not spray in the eyes.

Available in:

100ml floral water room spray

10 pilules (oral dose)

25 & 50ml drops (oral dose)


Vibrational Essences Cotton, Forget-me-not, Plutonium, Whych Elm, Holly Berry, Milky Way, Rose Quartz, EMR, 5G, Blue Light in Lemon Myrtle Floral Water


Suggestions for use:

We usually suggest to spray the kids after a session on their screens and a spray before bed for adults.

You can spray the room or you can do a little squirt over each individual.

You could also use the drops and pilules before exposure for a bigger boost to the system, then afterwards as/if required.

Best thing is to have a go and see how it works for your family. Some people are very sensitive to the effects and can feel the energy settling.

You could also buy in drops which you could put into a water filter or bottles/fridge chiller etc if you want to give more regular doses.

This is going to be an ongoing issue for all of us but my suspicion is that many of the younger generations will begin to adapt. It seems to be more the adults who are having major issues.


Room Spray – Shake well and spray once of twice approximately 10cm from the body as required or spray the area or the room. We suggest spraying in the air, then walking through the mist as the best way to get maximum coverage!

Drops – 4 drops each time on the tongue

Pilules – 1 or 2  pilules each time in the mouth

If necessary can be repeated every 10 minutes for 5 doses, then hourly while exposed if reaction is strong/severe.


Caution: Always patch test the spray before using on fabric or leather. Do not spray in the eyes.


Available in:

100ml floral water room spray

10 pilules (oral dose)

25 & 50ml drops (oral dose)

2 reviews for Electro-Emissions

  1. Jo

    This combination is used daily in our home and it is one I am NEVER without. I am very concerned about the effects of radiation for my family – especially my children. I feel that there is little escape from the radiation that we are constantly exposed to and I am so grateful to know that this spray offers the support that it does. I always feel a ‘lift’ when using this combination. It is absolutely one of my favourites.

    • Melanie Creedy

      It’s always good to get feedback like this relating to an issue that is of concern to many families. Thanks Jo!

  2. Sally (verified owner)

    The spray makes me feel lighter and relaxed after working on my computer.

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