Arnica’s main affinity is for bruising, bleeding and soreness, so it’s the first remedy to think of for accidents, injuries and physical trauma.

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Arnica is one of homeopathy’s most well known remedies!

It’s main affinity is for bruising, bleeding (which is what bruising is!) and soreness, so Arnica is definitely the first remedy to think of for accidents, injuries and physical trauma (mental and emotional).

It’s frequently used by athletes for soreness and recovery and to reduce bruising. It’s a great remedy for gardeners and renovators; in fact it’s the remedy I get the most feedback about.

So many times I get reports of injuries which typically would have produced major bruising or black eyes and a few doses of Arnica has skipped that painful step altogether.

Take Arnica as soon as you are able, carry it in your handbag or sports bag is my advice and reap the benefits of this incredibly useful remedy. I rate it so highly that I actually wrote a blog about Arnica which you can read here.

These days there is quite a lot of evidence to support the beneficial effects of Arnica.

We also offer Arnica in a range of creams and combinations for best results.

Always seek medical assistance in an emergency. If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner Use only as directed Always read the label

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