Traditionally Chamomilla has been used as the first support remedy for teething where the child is angry and sensitive to pain, but may fit other symptoms.

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Traditionally this remedy is used as the first support for teething where the child is angry, can’t bear anything/anyone, pain is unbearable­, demands things and then doesn’t want them. Teething may be accompanied by the classic Chamomilla diarrhoea which looks like chopped egg & spinach.

Symptoms may come on after­ anger and the patient is angry and very sensitive to pain. Think of it also for crampy pain anywhere, fevers, coughs, croup, earache, tearfulness, menstrual pain where the picture fits.

Worse anger, pain, touch, being looked at, teething, coffee, 9am & 9pm.

Better being carried.

If you have trouble choosing between Chamomilla, Belladonna and Aconite, we suggest trying ABC which is a combination of the three remedies – Aconite, Belladonna, Chamomilla – the most commonly used remedies for a wide range of children’s ailments.


Always seek medical assistance in an emergency and for a fever in a child under 6 months old.

If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner Use only as directed Always read the label.


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