Nat Mur


Nat Mur is traditionally used for symptoms following grief. It is useful for the beginnings of a cold, for cold sores, headaches and for dry skin and lips.

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Nat Mur is a remedy which is traditionally used for symptoms which follow grief. The initial acute symptoms may have passed but they are left with a deep sadness and a desire to be alone.

Symptoms for which Nat Mur is often indicated are headaches, hayfever, cold sores, cracked or dry lips and difficulty falling asleep.

The remedy may be helpful in reducing symptoms of a cold which begin with sneezing and streaming nose.

They may crave salty, fatty or sour food and may be averse to slimy food, fatty or rich.

There is often strong thirst.

Worse from the sun, from the sea (or sometimes better), consolation.

Better for cold, rest, deep breathing, fasting.


Always seek medical assistance in an emergency and for a fever in a child under 6 months old.

If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner Use only as directed Always read the label.


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