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Sepia has traditionally been used in women’s complaints, although it can be a remedy for men when the picture fits! Irritability and indifference are key.

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Sepia has traditionally been used in women’s complaints, although it certainly can be a remedy for men too! It has an affinity for the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause, post-natal period.

But don’t be limited by these hormonal states, because the picture is classic! People needing Sepia are typically irritable, overwhelmed, indifferent to family and they often say they want to run away.

They are often worse around the period and this may be accompanied by dragging down pain and heaviness, but you can see this symptom throughout the system.

There may be headaches with irritability before or during period, morning sickness worse at sight or smell of food and constipation usually without urging.

Thrush can be part of the picture, with white, itching or burning discharge. S

Worse pregnancy, menses, menopause, miscarriage or abortion, noise, smells, consolation, touch.

Better for vigorous exercise such as dancing or running, warmth.


Always seek medical assistance in an emergency and for a fever in a child under 6 months old.

If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner Use only as directed Always read the label.


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